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1. A fully completed online form, printed, and signature of applicant, 2 guarantors and witness added.
1. An appointment can only be booked after the entire form is filled and submitted. The form can be printed after booking.
1. The embassy will under no circumstance accept or process incomplete forms.

2. The current passport or birth certificate.

3. An applicant who has no proof of the travel document with which he/she entered the country must support the application with an affidavit from the High Court sworn on his/her behalf in Ghana by a close relative. The affidavit should indicate whether applicant has acquired a passport before or not, and if missing, indicate the passport number supported by an attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Accra.

4. An applicant who has changed their name must include athestation or other proof of name change document.

5. Any supporting documents in respect of for example profession, or copy of the passport of a parent in support of children’s applications.

6. A self-addressed envelope (must be DHL) for applicants who want completed passports to be mailed.

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